Our program

Dormillo University is an immersive program that provides young professionals with hands-on experience in anything and everything startup. You'll learn all about sales, business, technology, and people. The 12-week program is all-remote, and at your pace — you can work when you feel up for it, and without someone looking over your shoulder. We'll guide you through the tough spots, and provide you with mentorship and a framework that will help you succeed, have fun, and learn a ton.


What's Dormillo?

Dormillo is a social messaging platform for higher education — it provides a fun, immersive, and fluid messaging experience, making it easier to find and connect with anyone on campus.

We know you hate email — so we're replacing email with a messaging app. It's on the App Store.



You'll be responsible for:

  1. Inviting fellow students to try our app & collecting their feedback
  2. Holding seminars & events that will get students excited about what we're doing
  3. Introducing the technology to professors & their classrooms
  4. Being our point-of-contact on campus



It's your time — we only ask for a few hours a week. Work when you want, at your own pace, without a boss.

Résumé Booster
The experience looks great & will launch you to your next big thing — we'll even write your recommendation letter.


You'll learn a ton in our program, and we'll work with your university to try to get you course credit for your work.

You'll shape our program and company with your valuable insights and feedback. We'll respect what you have to say.

By being involved on campus with our program, you'll meet a ton of peers & friends. You'll stand out.

Fun & Cool
We hate to brag — but we're pretty cool people. You'll enjoy working with us and other members of the program.


Do you have what it takes?

The ideal candidate for Dormillo University is outgoing, or striving to be, an influencer on campus, and a self-motivator. The program will be what you make of it — we'll help you out when you most need it, but you'll get out of it what you put into it. 

It's a plus if you're involved in Greek life, your Student Government, or a club.


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